Dog walking

Amy's Dog Walkers provide a cost effective, friendly and reliable dog walking service in Lincoln. Just like us dogs need regular exercise. An un-walked dog can end up bored and depressed, this usually results in them behaving badly. We understand however that people do not always have the time to take there dogs on regular walks. This is where Amy's dog walkers can help. When life gets busy were here to take your pet dog on a short or long walk, on it's own or in a small group. This means you no longer have to rush home on your dinner break or from an evening meal to make sure your dog is walked. You can now sit back and relax knowing that your dog will be taken care of.

Why use a dog walker?

There are many reasons why you may not be able to walk your dog your self, whether its just the odd occasion or a regular thing.

  • A new job or promotion may mean longer hours out the house.
  • An illness may leave you unable to leave the house.
  • A new baby may mean you have less spare time.
  • Children that used to walk the dog have now moved out.
  • An unforeseen trip away.
  • You may have moved and the nearest park is to far away for you to get to.
  • You will be able to go away knowing that your dog will be looked after.


Using a dog walking service can benefit both you and your dog

Benefits for the dog

  • Regular exercise to ensure good physical and mental health.
  • Important socialising.
  • Helps maintain important housebreaking scedule for puppies.
  • Stops boredom and misbehaviour.
    • Benefits for you

      • A helping hand for when you're busy.
      • No guilt at not being able to be there for your dog.
      • Can improve a dogs behaviour at home.

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